Hydrodynamic Working Electrode

Rotating Disk Electrode

Hydrodynamic Working Electrode

A rotating disk electrode (RDE) is a hydrodynamic working electrode used in a three electrode system. The electrode rotates during experiments making a constant flux of analyte to the electrode. These working electrodes are used in electrochemical applications such as corrosion studies, fuel cell research, […]

Dr. Bob's Electrochemical Cell Kit Part #990-00193

What are Electrochemical Cells?

An electrochemical cell consists of two half-cells. Each half-cell consists of an electrode in contact with an electrolyte. An electrode is an electronic conductor such as metal or carbon or a semiconductor.  Current flows through the electrodes via the movement of electrons. An electrolyte is a phase in which charge is carried by ions. In Read more about What are Electrochemical Cells?[…]

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